Sustain & Future-proof

Activating the ongoing care, use and relevance of a collection and ensuring important work is preserved for future generations.



We see these two steps - caring for a collection while we are here, and laying the groundwork for when we are not - as intertwined responsibilities.


While some stewards have the means to manage the care and feeding of the collections in their care, or wish their holdings to remain private, others may need to strategize how to fund safe, low-cost storage; talk through ways to plan for the future; or consider ways to share rare or meaningful parts of their collections beyond the digital space.


To that end, we offer support through: 

  • Consulting and assessment, to ensure important work is preserved and documented, and personal histories and professional legacies are connected through the lens of cultural heritage;

  • Exploring opportunities for public access and archival storytelling - film, books, exhibitions, museum placements and the like - that smartly combine art, technology and editorial with conservation, media production, marketing and legacy planning; 

  • Articulating goals and designing for change - whether raising funds for an anticipated downsizing or other personal needs, or as part of end-of-life planning for publication, access and sustainability.

Oh, and a note on YOUR STUFF:  Whether your hope is to donate or sell a collection, the Punk Archive is just one of many options that include local library archives, major academic collections, private museums, independent collectors and others. The most important first step is to think about your ultimate goals - free and open access? prestige institution? - and make your wishes clear, well-documented and executable, even if you have not settled on a particular destination. 

For more on donating to the PAI, visit our Donors page.



the tl;dr

Remember all that stuff you said you were going to organize during COVID - the boxes of obscure tapes under the bed? The Room of Shame? That entire storage unit?


Whether you need to raise money, document stuff for your kids, or figure out what to do with your collection because you don't have kids (or they grew up to be weirdos who don't want their dad's Punk collection) - we can help you figure out how to take care of (or what to do with) your stuff.

And no matter what - before you repack it or get rid of it, let's get it into our digital repository so it doesn't disappear. Or, just donate it to us and we will make sure it doesn't. 

Media Credits

Self portait, Naomi Petersen. 


Void, by Jim Saah


Tim Kerr


Bill Daniel's Darkroom, by Bill Daniel : )