Support comes in many forms. Your help - whether sharing stuff, stories, skills (and yes, money) will help preserve the creative legacy of underground artists for future generations - and each other. 


We're grateful for whatever you can give. And we'll put it to good use. 

Kicking-in lets us take care of the day to day, and sidesteps the fees come along with a formal donation or a crowdfunding campaign, so your money goes straight to the Archive. If you won't be writing your gift off on your taxes, this is the way to go. 

Kick In


Many Hands Lighten the Load

From helping identify people and places, researching and other on-the-sofa skills, to coding, editing, or processing items in the archive, we can use your help. 



Help us build the national collection of DIY Culture.

Whether you are gifting money, donating physical objects or digital copies, your contribution helps feed an open archive dedicated to America's creative countercultures.


This is an ambitious DIY project that needs your help. If you have money, collections, or skills and ideas to share, loan or give - we hope you'll consider being a part of our work.  
For more on donations - whether a single item, a focused collection or a financial contribution please visit our For Donors page, which outlines our aquisitions policies and more.