Your Story

Beyond preserving and sharing the creative output of DIY communities, we're asking musicians, artists, producers and audiences to share their personal collections and recollections so we can weave them together in a crowdsourced and co-created social and musical history of Punk across America. ​Here's a few ways to share your stories with us - and each other:

We encourage people to share their recollections and stories with us - and one another. Conversations and shared interviews a la StoryCorps - recorded as audio or video - help preserve different details and points of view for a full-spectrum, D-I-Ourselves history of music, friendships and creative culture. 


Over the next few months, we'll be rolling out new areas of the site - blog posts, guest articles, reprints, longreads, and annotated play- and reading- lists. We're looking for DIY-oriented contributors who'd like to add to the site, and are open to ideas beyond these.


Whether your artistic archive, a thematic collection, or just a one-off picked up along the way - we'd love to see what you have and hear the stories behind it. 

Due to the Pandemic, we are limiting our in-person activities, but we are using Zoom for show-and-tell. Let's talk! 

John Stabb, photo by Lucian Perkins
Void, photo by Jim Saah
DOA, photo by Bev Davies
Boston, photo by Philin' Phlash

We started with LA, DC and Texas - now we need help from everywhere else. From walking us through the local culture and key events to helping connect us to people who can add to the archives, we are looking for navigators, especially in the Midwest and Pacific Northwest. 


Even just a casual look at platforms like Facebook and Instagram highlights one problem: we don't remember as well as we used to.


But a closer look uncovers something more - once these posts and threads fall off our timelines, where does the information - the data uncovered in the casual exchanges between friends - actually go?

We'll be using Facebook and other platforms as places to both gather and test ideas. If you are interested in being part of the larger Punk Archive Initiative group, please join our FB page; we'll roll out smaller groups within that to play around with crowdsourcing, tagging and other social archiving and data tools. 


Instagram @punkarchiveinitiative

Many hands lighten the load. Reach out and let us know how you can contribute!