Core Project

Line of Sight: Punk Photographers Reframed

Bringing DIY photographers into the foreground

The Idea

The idea is fairly straightforward but gets rather complex quickly: in working with Naomi Petersen's archive, we realized how many concert photos have photographers (mostly accidently) catching one-another at work across the stage - as in the photo by Kevin Salk from Minor Threat's Dancing Waters in 1982, taken at the moment Naomi had her lens trained Brian Baker.

You see a 3-way variation in the shot by Pat Blashill getting not just a shot of a Big Boys fan, but also Bill Daniel (down front) and John Spath (by the PA.)

Phillin' Phlash's iconic image of John Stabb has back-view, taken by Drew Stone from him vantage point behind Tom Lyle at Gallery East. 

Going back to contact sheets and files, this project - our first book! - celebrates the photography and the photographers, bringing them into new focus. We've been tracking down these photographic pairs (and sometimes triples and quads) around the country, presenting them together for the first time, along with writings that reflect on their experiences as fans, DIY artists and documentarians. Extended through online galleries and digital content, we also plan a 2022 traveling exhibition.


We welcome more contributors to what's become a collaborative curatorial effort. We know it takes some detective work, and we're grateful to everyone who has said yes to digging through their archives as this project has grown - including: 

Jim Saah
Bert Quieroz
Ellie Moran

Tiffany Pruitt

Cynthia Connelly

Alison Braun
Kevin Salk

Kirk Dominguez
Ed Colver

Ann Summa​

The Estate of Murray Bowles

Drew Stone

Philin' Phlash

Rikki Ercoli

Bridget Collins

Pat Blashill

John Spath 

Bill Daniel


Pat Graham

Shawn Scallen

And, we're especially thankful for Chris Petersen's support and contributions on behalf of the Estate of Naomi Petersen; she was the inspiration for this project, which is dedicated to her.



Photographers take pictures. Sometimes, they take happen to take pictures of other photographers while they are also taking pictures. 

We're working with sets of photographers who are going through their archives, digging out many of their unpublished shots of iconic bands, with a focus on one another.

If you have shots (or ideas and connections) to contribute, let us know! (We haven't started work on the Midwest or PacNW yet...)