You can support the Punk Archive's work with a financial contribution. Here’s how — and how it helps.

Thank you to those of you who have asked for a way to financially support us, and we are thrilled and honored that you want to be a part of our work.

How You're Helping

Besides helping support the day to day work of the Archive, your contribution helps us focus on some important 2021 goals, including: 

  • Building out our Digital platforms, apps and content streams, including podcasts, interviews, video and archive dives;

  • A host of DIY Archival Toolkits, how-to's and other ways to support Citizen-Archivists in caring for their collections;

  • Pop-up Scanning Parties, Story Salons & other events to talk about, identify and triage items, and mass-digitize objects and the stories behind them;

  • Implementing COVID-aware supports and outreach to help Endangered Archives threatened by environmental, economic, social and personal pressures

  • Scaling the Fragile Formats focus, to locate, conserve and digitize as much audio and video tape, film, original art, printed matter and photography as possible; 

  • Launching a "live archiving" experiment led by Dotty Farrell, using a conversational podcast format to capture and share stories from Austin's early Punk scene.

  • Supporting storage and legacy planning for materials that need additional conservation, care or security, in-depth research, or that are being (or will be) loaned or gifted to the Punk Archive.




to preserve their voices for future researchers, documentarians and the public.