How We Help

For Artists and Artist Estates

For many artists, there is an ongoing dilemma - what to do with our work? There are the days where the Marie Kondo in our heads tells us it all should go, and the days where we may want to give it away or sell it - but don't want it to wind up in a private collection for an audience of one. 

We know this is often hardest on artists and musicians who've struggled to keep hold of their archives over time - especially visual artists, musicians, filmmakers and photographers, whose gear, demos, sketches and iterations, and final versions can have a huge footprint. Many creatives who have started to document or digitize their work do it in a way that works for them - but may have to be unraveled to properly archive and systemize it to make it useable by others in the future.

This is where we can help. Working collaboratively with you, we develop a Creative Archive Plan that encompasses the range of archival materials related to a life in art, music and culture, and gets you (and them) positioned for the future:


  • We start by mapping the Studio Archive, encompassing a creative body of work and its behind-the-scenes processes and materials;

  • then, based on your goals, wishes (or that of an estate), we work on identifying the relevant parts of a Personal Archive - letters, family snapshots and histories, journals, receipts, clothing and other ephemera of daily creative life;

  • finally, we look at how this fits in the greater Cultural Archive, connecting the stories, landscapes and contexts embedded in a particular time, place, and creative movement.

Throughout the process, we do a lot of "what's this" and "tell me about that" - casual interviews that gather memories, capture knowledge of long-gone processes, and give us critical details. This becomes rich material to help us attach memory and context to the creative catalogue and be better able to share the people behind the works.


Once the Archive is mapped, we can help develop the strategies to activate its ongoing care, economic sustainability, relevance and legacy though a combination of technology and creative curation, and, where it makes sense, think about films and other media production, live events, publishing, sales, placements and marketing. ​


Oh, and fun. We make it really fun.

Connecting with DIY Artists

We're particularly interested in working with musicians, visual artists and digital creators to archive and optimize performance, production and personal collections that cover the early years of American Punk. Depending on your needs and our shared goals, we can provide direct assistance or connect you with services for:

  • Inventorying and Systemizing

  • Capturing Stories and Contexts

  • Preservation and Digitiztion

  • Optimizing Physical and Digital Storage

  • Support for grants, exhibitions and sales

  • Creating Public Programming and Learning Content

  • Designing content and product streams

  • Legacy Planning and Placements

  • Licensing and Representation 


Our Case Studies use real-world personal archives as test beds for new ideas and practices - and at the same time, helps creatives, record labels, and estates organize, identify and digitize their collections.


By sharing access to your collection (and yourself!), you're helping us gain insight into how artist and their advocates store and manage digital and physical materials so we can learn more about the differing needs between artists, experienced collectors and new stewards. Out of this all this, we'll be better positioned to protoype DIY toolkits, digital platforms and apps, content streams and systems that will form a new base of knowledge for American Punk - and continue an artistic legacy. 

Our 2021 collaborators include: 

  • Chris Petersen and the Naomi Petersen Archive

  • BYO Records and the Stern Collections

  • Scott Crawford and New Rose Films

  • Bill Daniel

  • SPOT and Ryan Richardson

  • Summerland Trust and the Hansgen Family Archive

  • Tom Berard

  • Clay Allison

  • Dotty Farrell

We're also actively looking for holders of analog recordings for our Fragile Formats project - which is pretty much everyone who still has something from 1981. : ) 

Case Studies

We're working with Scott Crawford of New Rose Films to identify, preserve and document the huge range of assets - music, interviews, b-roll, graphics, production notes, etc - generated during the creation of the Salad Days documentary. 


The Naomi Petersen estate is collaborating with us to create and test a cataloguing system that flexibly supports her archive of live band photography and personal journals.

Curious to know more? Interested in getting started? Connect, and we'll get back to you asap.