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Analemma is our Archival Production Studio that fuses arts experiences, media, live events and technology to extend the value of an Archive. Our story-driven process allows us to design, produce and share powerful content through films and documentaries; books, exhibits and interactive media projects; recordings; screenings and events; loans and gallery sales; and other projects - especially with emerging tech - that connect audiences, artists and culture. 


Res Facta

 We start by looking and listening. We review pieces or a whole collection, usually in 3 ways: 

Casual Evaluations, over the phone or in person, to help you identify the basics about a piece.

Formal Evaluations, with a written assessment of value, condition and possibility.

Full appraisal, with documentation, for insurance, transfer, donation or sale.




Reach out -  and send us pictures so we can get on the same page.

Together we can decide what kind of initial assesment might work best for you.

We’ll connect, and we’ll talk about your goals: sell, document, archive or a combination.