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So, where are all these projects going to go? Well, with our 360° model, some will be books, shows, films, and exhibitions...but all will have a digital foundation. We'll spend the last half of 2021 building out our Digital repository and content streams, anchored by our collections and networks.  In July, we'll launch our print arm, Aphelion Press, leveraging our preservation efforts into recordings, books, box sets, prints and more. 


We imagine a Digital space that provides unique access to the wealth of materials that have been donated and gathered - including the hundreds of hours of recordings of "intangible cultural heritage" like music, performance, public events, interviews, stories and conversations. And then there are the photos - hundreds of familiar and never-released images, shared by some of Punk's most prominent photographers. And the flyers, and posters. Journals. Business records, letters, 'zines. Mockups, original sketches, and bluelines. So, so many flat things. 


Through searchable libraries, online viewing and listening rooms, exclusive, freshly preserved recordings, interactive visualizations, guest articles and interviews, we'll share archival and new writings on DIY creativity, its contemporary cultural influences and challenges; and other curated, story-driven content that let's us activate the Archive and invite public engagement with its content.

We'll also feature DIY resources that support artists, citizen-archivists and culture-holders with opportunities to get involved, get and give help, and other ways to continue supporting DIY community, creativity and celebration.

Whether you have digital or physical donations, experience in collections management and metadata, or can help us work through the myriad details of a crowdsourced cultural heritage platform - we'd love to hear from you. 

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Aphelion Press

Our imprint takes its name from the the point in the orbit of a planet, asteroid, or comet at which it is furthest from the sun. In 2021, Earth will be at aphelion on July 5 at 6:27 p.m. Eastern Time - and we'll be 94,510,886 miles away from the Sun.

We'll be announcing more then, but we're excited to share the catalogue numbers for our first two releases: 

0001 is reserved for our friend John Stabb's memoir; finished shortly before his death in 2016, we are holding our first catalogue number for his beloved Mina Devadas, to use whenever she's ready to publish. 

0001r on the recording side is held for our compilation of first releases from a stellar roster of early DIY labels.

In addition to books and recordings, Aphelion will publish a quarterly magazine, as well as limited-edition artwork and reprints, all to benefit the work of the Archive. 

Unpublished books or writings? Audio, video or un-asked for opinions to share?
We're looking for contributors, so drop us a note!